…to be precise it was the 11th of November…


…when some unknow Amiga-Users met at a friends place with their Amigas. After some days of a lot of fun, they decided to enter the Amiga-Demo-Scene with their own tiny group ! One of them even left the C64-Scene for starting this group on the Amiga (His current handle is Raven, he was known as Abstract back then.)
The search for a name was started and ended up in a dictionary, by chosing a random page. “Most” of these dudes liked the word in the middle of that page:


Right at that place, they started to prepare their first release, the “Introduction Intro” that was released at the 16th of November 1991. Some new members joined during that year and several Intros were released.


…some really remarkable members joined our team and they climbed quite high in the glorious EuroChart with their pack-series. Also some new Intros were done and the first Meeting that is today known as the
“NUANCE BarbequeConvention”
took place ! Also the GermanCharts were released during that period, but died before it reached issue 03, because of a very silent German scene overall ! “Hawky”, a NUANCE-member and good scene-friend died ! May he rest in peace ! Dude we will always remember you…your crazyness…and your graphical and article-writing-skills! Rock on!


…brought some heavy expansions of the crew, building up a UK-Section that released some nice Intros. Also the trackmo called “Subtle Shades” was released and reached the 2nd place at the 680×0-Convention (The root-party of the Mekka-Symposium) held by Complex,Sanity & Supplex ! It was also the year, when Frenchy (one of the founding-members, also known as FMD’93) left NUANCE and the amiga-scene. He’s now caught in the evil hands of a wife and some children…female slavery got another talented soul…that sucks!


…was the year of the famous Techno-Compilations called “Hurt Me!” that featured superb techno-tracks, from the NUANCE-musicians ! It was also the year when the UK-Section (Michael, Projex, Simon, etc) got kicked due to some internal misunderstandings and organisational problems and only Quark remained to stay as the only uk-member. Afterwards he sadly also left NUANCE and the scene! Quark (aka James)…if you ever read this…contact me…it’s quite sad we lost contact after you lost the scene. Hope you’re doing well!
Because of these problems, the NUANCEntial grouprules were set up and still are the way the group is organised (BTW: Some are changed now:)!


…the Rave-Compilations called “Hurt Me!” were continued with also some tunes by musicians from other groups. Also the chippack called “Trilobyte!” was started in November 1995 and the second issue was released at X-Mas’95 ! Some of our most active swappers (Exumer, Thor) left for Sanity and Essence and so the packseries sadly died at the end of that year !


…was the darkest year in the history of NUANCE ! Beneath one issue of Trilobyte at the Symposium’96, nothing was released and the group was quite silent having only 4 members at that time ! But now, in the year…


…NUANCE had it’s comeback at the Symposium’97 (a really cool party!) with a new dentro called “Privilege Violation”, a 4K-Intro for the Compo and new issues of “Trilobyte!” and “Hurt Me!” ! Doing a lot of graphics for other teams, we gained some really good members and also succeeded in getting the famous newsmagazine “X-Files” and it’s maineditor big-rat into our team and released the issues #19 and #20 in 1997 ! So we think our slogan for this year was chosen very good: Extreme Releasing!
At the TP7-desaster (lack of electricity), we got a new member (Sunny) that took over the job of the MainEditress of our forthcoming scenemag called “WILD” Sadly we also had to kick a very old member called X-Poole, but he was just too inactive…have a nice day !


A heavy year for us with the release of the X-FILES#21 and #22. We also released a 40k-Intro called “Waterproof” that was ranked 2nd at the BSE’98 and another 40k-Intro called “Can’t Stop” at the MS’98. As birthday-present for our X-Files-MainEd big-rat we released a X-FILES-Intro. And you wanna see weird people? Check out the MS98-Slider released shortly after the MS’98 !


Vendetta was our ray of light in 1999. It was released at the MS2k and got ranked 4th. It was the first HD-Demo from NUANCE and coded by Sniper/R.a.y!
big-rat lost all motivation and stopped the famous X-FILES, THE newsmagazine of the amiga-scene. We started working on several projects, but shit happens and so we weren’t able to finish any more things.
In this year we also got some new members working on the pc-platform, means the whole group SympathyPC (not too much people) joined our family ! But we’re just NUANCE ! The group is not splittet up in amiga- and pc-section !


The new millenium has begun !
At the good old MekkaSymposium2k we released a nice 40k-Intro called “Fast” and Raven has reached the 2nd place in the gfx-competition with his picture “Evil in me”.
Sniper/R.a.y and Raven are now working on “Subtle Shades II”, the sequel to “Subtle Shades” that was released back in 1993. This huge demo is planned to be released at the MS2k+1.
We also had a nice result at the EVOKE2000 with our first PC-Demo named “Weltenläufer” coded by Deepblur. We reached the 4th place with it.


In 2001 we were mainly active at the MekkaSymposium in good old Fallingbostel. We released our Amigademo “Subtle Shades II” (Yippieh…a deadline fullfilled!;) and our Wilddemo “Predetermination” there, the Amigademo got 5th and the Wilddemo got 3rd.
The year 2001 also brought the invention of the active- and inactive-memberlist. Just because we’re a demoscene-family, you get kicked only by hard violations…if you just fade away from the scene, you stay a NUANCEntial member…but you become listed on the inactive-memberlist. All members on this list can return into the team without problems.


In 2002 we had some first places in Competitions at some small parties.
On the one hand we won the first prizes at the comParade with 1st Wilddemo (Digital Nature), 1st Pixelgraphics (Raven) and 1st Multichannelmodule.
On the other hand we reached the 1st place in the Flash-Demo (“Arimas” by Raven/Andy), Multichannelmodule, MP3-Music and Pixelgraphics (Raven) at the O.C.2002.
Shortly before the new year happened, we got hostmonsta (coder, Java, Germany) into our team for some web-multiplattform-entertainment!
We failed to organize our DEMOn-Party because of the location-problem, but we decided to join together with the comParade to organize the DEMOn&comParade together.


The year had a nice start with some new and very talented members. New members in the beginning of 2003 are Stephen (coder, PC/GBA, USA) and Chief64k! (coder, GBA, UK)…so we grow more international again!
Also Noisefever (ex.Miao) rejoined the scene and NUANCE.
The Mekka-Symposium died (one silent minute please for this long-time-best-sceneparty and thanks to the organizers!) and so we freezed our butts at the Breakpoint, but it was a nice party anyway…and we’ll surely return next year at easter!
The new year also brought a new outfit for our webpage…we’ll try to have a new one more often now.
At the NUANCE-Breakpoint2003-Aftermeeting we got a new member: Pro (coder) teamed up with our family!


Pro, Raven, Spider, Noisefever, Fireball and Gendrift started with their PC-Demo at Breakpoint called “bouNCE”. Quite an excellent start for a new teamwork with a new coder. We were ranked 5th and lateron continued the success with a 4k release by Trifox at the Evoke. We rocked the buenzli with the PC-Demo “The everlasting blink” that got ranked 2nd in the PC demo competition and the fast demo “Affentanz” that was ranked 2nd at the surprise compo at Buenzli 2004. Lateron Naitandu teamed up with Nuance to strenghten our coding forces.


The new year brought another PC-Demo that also was the invitation for the Buenzli demoparty in switzerland. “Demoscene Activist” also got a kind of hymn for this year concerning the scene. Some “fans” even did “fan shirts” with “demoscene passivists”. Stylez surprised with a small Xbox Intro for Raven’s 33 birthday and with “Marijform” we started to win the pirated demo compo for the first time.


“Interlude” was the first PC-Demo with Pro and Raven as core team for design and storyboard. It was released at Breakpoint 2006 and though it just was ranked 9th it really worked. The resonance for the demo was excellent afterwards and working on the demo was pure fun. Lateron we rocked the Buenzli demoscene party in Switzerland with our CGA coloured extravaganza called “Four bitches” and were ranked 4th in the PC demo competition. Some more members from far countries like Australia (Evilwizard) and ElectricKeet (USA) teamed up near the end of the year. With “The ultimate funk experience in the sky” we continued winning the pirated demo compo at tUM*06, so the year ended with a nice celebrationn.


We started the demo year with another demo with Pro and Raven as core-team. This resulted in the demo “Anxious” with Gendrift, Cosmic, Malik Trey and Naitandu as strong team. We were ranked 7th in the PC-Demo compo and also released the very nice “N-Traxx #1″ during the Breakpoint in the good old scene spirit. Shortly after Breakpoint Rayzn joined us from Marshals to strenghten our coding team and gendrift renamed back to Nightmare. We rocked Buenzli with a quite experimental demo called “9×13 sepia” and were ranked 4th in the PC-Demo compo at Buenzli. Raven won the graphics competition at the Buenzli 2007 and Cosmic got ranked second. Malik Trey managed to get the first place in the streaming music competition. We also released our first NintendoDS-Intro at Buenzli. Finally we once again managed to win the pirated demo compo at tUM*07 with “The ODD, the bad and the ugly”. What a year.


We started the demo season with a working meeting in the German alps and rented a mountain hut near Sonthofen for some serious working on the new PC demo and a cooperation with Metalvotze on the C64. Present at the working meeting were Raven, Pro, Rayzn, Bitbreaker, Naitandu and Nightmare. Nevertheless we had to do some serious party coding to finish our new PC demo “Local Warming” at the Breakpoint 2008 that got ranked 11th in a very strong competition. We once again received fabulous feedback afterwards. Shortly before the Buenzli 2008 we released our invitation game for the Buenzli at the Evoke 2008 and got ranked 2nd in the Alternative Platforms Competition. The next party on our list was the Buenzli 2008 in Winterthur, Switzerland. We originally planned to release our new demo on the NVscene event in the USA, but because of the fact that the parties before NVscene suffered from less releases, we decided after heavy discussions to support a smaller party and release our new demo “Ungol” that was done by Pro, Raven and Noisefever at the Buenzli. We ended up winning the PC Demo Competition in both the public voting and the jury price. Like in the year before Raven won the Graphics Competition and this year Cosmic also added some more spice by winning the Wild Competition. Quite a successful party.


NUANCE started into the new season with a tiny slidetro released at the Nuance Working Meeting that takes place annually at a mountain hut near Sonthofen/Germany. Cosmic managed to reach a very good second rank in the Wild competition with his Wild demo “Julie” and our 4K Intro called “Aracide” was ranked 7th in a very strong 4k competition both at the Breakpoint 2009. Raven was ranked 5th in the C64 graphics competition with his entry “Voltage”.
We worked hard to return at the Buenzli 2009 with our new PC demo “The official end of a civilization” that won the PC Demo competition. Raven was ranked 1st in the graphics competition once again with his digital painting “The other side”.
At the Sundown 2009 we reached a nice 3rd place with Raven’s picture “Born in flames” in the newschool graphics competition.
We finished the year at tUM*2009 with a new installment of our “the Ultimate Meat-Thing” which became quite a success again. Beneath that we managed to win the “Retro-My-Demo” competition with out meatro remix and Raven won the modern tools graphics competition with his new picture “Fratzenmann” while Cosmic got ranked second with his new rendering.


The year has just begun…

.o0o. TO BE CONTINUED .o0o.