Based on the heavy feedback of the past months that I’ve received by Email, Messenger, etc. concerning our website, I’m currently finishing this reboot of our official website, here at!

Please update your bookmarks back to this domain.

I will keep the following feedback (true demostyle feedback) in mind you’ve sent me to develop/finish a look and texts that fit our group and your feedback. Here is some of the feedback I’ve received that lead to the re-design:

German? Why is the language German? The demoscene’s default language is still English. I’ve searched quite some time and discovered the switch to the mode “horrible Kazoogle Translate English.”

Why does the site design look like a 90’s warez page? Weird mixture of logos. Ancient look and feel. Weird texts. Change it. Or use facebook instead.

Why is there no chronological list of demos? Who cares for PC? Amiga roolez! Just do a link to Pouet!

I’m missing design here.

Who made that website? I expect more of a group like Nuance! 

No news updates for a year. I guess I’ll continue reading on Facebook.

You guys are one of the oldest demoscene groups that is still active. More arrogance please!

I heard you! Thanks to all of you for the honest feedback! I will get back to everyone providing feedback! Thank you very much! I’m on it!

Stay tuned for more information soon.